Are You Eating Enough at Breakfast?

🍓 Today’s breakfast: this delicious oat-y mixture...rolled oats, milk, maple syrup, cinnamon, peanut butter and strawberries. And I’ll likely have a mid-morning snack too!

🤔 Sometimes, I hear people say that they’re “good” at breakfast, but their eating “falls apart” by lunch time.

🥣 Often, this is simply because they didn’t eat enough at breakfast. If you eat a filling and satisfying morning meal (and add in a mid-morn snack if you’re feeling it), it’s likely you won’t feel like you’re starving/want to eat everything at lunch. Rather, you’ll feel gently or comfortably hungry, and you can eat accordingly.

💫 The goal isn’t to be “good” or eat the least amount of food/calories at breakfast (or any meal). The goal is to eat something tasty, and nourish your body with plenty of energy so you can function well until your next meal.

🔬 You’ll need to experiment with foods and amounts to figure out what is filling and satisfying for you. It’s different for everyone and will also be different depending on the day!

🔘 There’s definitely some gray areas and nuance in today’s post because Intuitive Eating (IE) isn’t a black and white kind of thing.

😊 If you want to figure out what IE looks like for YOU, let’s chat!

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Kara Westrup