How an Intuitive Eater Decides What and When to Eat

* When deciding when and what to eat, an Intuitive Eater visits stored memory “files” that they’ve created and are housed in their brain.

📁 They may toggle between some of these “files” below ...

😋 How hungry am I and what foods would satisfy my hunger and my tastebuds?

* Do I want something sweet? Savory? Creamy? Crunchy? Cold? Warm?

🍴 What foods do I currently have access to?

* Did this present eating choice work out for me in the past?

* Did that food sustain me enough?

🍭 Did it give me quick energy and then cause my blood sugar to crash?

* When will my next meal be? Right around the corner? If so, maybe I opt for something small with carbs to raise my blood sugar a little.
*  If my next meal isn’t anytime soon, maybe I eat something more filling with protein, carbs and fat so I can stay satisfied and full.
* Or maybe I want my meal now ... there’s no reason I can’t eat lunch at 10am if that’s what my body wants!

* Did I end up with indigestion?

😁 Did I really enjoy this food and want it have it again?

😢 Am I upset and craving food to comfort or soothe myself?

😕 Am I bored and thinking about eating to distract myself?

⭐️ I had these sour gummy bears on my drive home today. They are tasty, all I had in my car, sugary, and I knew they’d give me the quick energy boost I needed until I got home and was able to make lunch. I do know from past experience that too many gummy bears make me feel icky so I just had a handful and it all worked out. However, had I’d been okay with feeling a little icky (which sometimes I am because something tastes so good!), I could have had more. 🤗

☝️ You can’t mess up with IE. EVERY eating experience provides data that we can store in our “files” for next time!

*Credit: Post inspired by the Intuitive Eating book by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. A must read!

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Kara Westrup