Intuitive Eating is Food Freedom!

😬 For many of us, figuring out what we “should be” eating is very confusing, and no wonder when there’s diet and “health” messages around every corner — TV, social media, friends, family, food documentaries, health professionals, books and blogs.

💕 The confusion we feel is frustrating, discouraging and even overwhelming at times. If you feel this way, I’m sending you a big virtual hug and lots of compassion. I’ve been there and it’s a tough place!

🙈 As a dietitian, it’s common for people to say “just tell me what to eat” or “what’s the best diet for weight loss,” but unfortunately, these food strategies don’t work out in the long-term for the vast majority.

✨ Why? Because whether it’s a formal diet like Paleo, Keto or IIFYM; a healthy lifestyle change “that’s not a diet” like Whole 30 or Clean Eating; or a food plan from an Instagram "inspo,” these are all forms of deprivation and external rules that prevent us from listening to our body’s internal wisdom.

😳 Internal wisdom? Yes, we were born with the wisdom to know exactly how to feed ourselves, and it’s my goal to help you connect with that know-how.


👍 The 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating (IE) help us recognize and trust our body’s internal signals of hunger and fullness. We learn how to stop the restrict-binge cycle. We learn to trust ourselves with ALL foods. We learn how to navigate emotional eating. We learn to choose what to eat from a place of self-care, not self-control and deprivation. And we learn how to engage in physical activity that we actually enjoy instead of exercising to “make up” for our eating.

📚 Studies show that IE correlates with less disordered eating, improved body image, self-trust, decreased weight cycling and greater emotional functioning.

💪 Learning to become an intuitive eater is a journey and takes time, but the food and life FREEDOM it brings is worth the effort.

🙅🏻‍♀️ No more:
❌ Feeling crazy around food
❌ Overthinking your next meal or snack
❌ Feeling confused about what, when and how to eat
❌ Restricting, counting, measuring, detoxing, cleansing, etc...
❌ And no more guilt or shame

 💙 Making peace with food gives us back our time, energy and mental space so we can pursue our beautiful ambitions and callings. 

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Kara Westrup