Principle 2: Honor Your Hunger

Principle 2: Honor Your Hunger⁣

Even though hunger is a natural biological cue that tells your body you need fuel, hunger is often feared, especially if you’re dieting or trying to lose weight.⁣

And when you fear hunger, you may try to fight it or ignore it. And over time, you may not even really feel hunger anymore because the mind body connection has been interrupted. ⁣

On top of that, if you deny your hunger for too long, your body will feel so deprived and hungry that you’ll find it hard to stop eating when you’re actually full. ⁣

This isn’t a lack of willpower. It’s biology. When you don’t honor your hunger, your body thinks it’s starving. It’s wired to keep you alive so it releases hormones to make you want food.⁣

Honoring your hunger is so important.⁣ ❤️

And it’s okay to honor your hunger even when you’re only a little bit hungry.

Maybe you have back-to-back meetings all afternoon and your only opportunity to eat lunch is at 11am. You’re not very hungry at 11am, but you know you’ll be starving and hangry if you wait to eat at 5pm. Sometimes we eat due to practicality.⁣

Or maybe you’re at a birthday party, and not particularly hungry, but you eat cake to join in on the celebration. Sometimes we eat for social reasons.⁣

⭐️ How can YOU take one step toward honoring your hunger?⁣

Try to really tune into hunger. After years of fighting or ignoring it, it may be hard to hear so be patient with yourself. Here are some possible signs of hunger:⁣

•Stomach (rumbling, emptiness)⁣
•Throat (gnawing, dull ache)⁣
•Head (headache, thinking about food, difficulty making decisions)⁣
•Mood (irritable, restless)⁣
•Energy (fatigue, “brain fog”)⁣
•Numbness (overall lethargy) ⁣

Every time you honor your hunger, you re-build trust with your mind and body, and you’re on your way to becoming more intuitive with your eating!⁣

*If you have an active eating disorder, visit with your treatment team before adopting this principle. ⁣

✌️ Stay tuned for Principle 3! Make Peace with Food

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Kara Westrup