Principle 3: Make Peace with Food

Principle 3:  Make Peace with Food⁣

Intuitive eating means allowing yourself to eat any food you want.⁣

👀 Yup, you read that right.⁣..

✌️Making peace with food means that no food is “off-limits.”⁣

* Because if you’re constantly telling yourself that you “shouldn’t” eat a certain food, the psychological deprivation you feel will eventually lead to uncontrollable cravings, overeating, and often, bingeing. ⁣

👇 If you’ve dieted or have a list of “good and bad” foods, you’ve probably had an experience similar to this one...

🍦 You told yourself that ice cream is “bad” and you shouldn’t eat it, but after weeks or months of no ice cream, you “give in” and eat ice cream - a lot of it. ⁣

😞 And then the feelings of guilt overwhelm you and you vow to never eat ice cream again because you just “can’t trust yourself around it.”⁣

🔄 And the deprivation-overeat-guilt cycle starts all over again. ⁣

🍦 But here’s the thing: Ice cream is just ice cream if you can have it anytime you want. It’s just another food. ⁣

✌️ So, how do we stop this vicious cycle? We make peace with all food. ⁣

* Am I telling you to toss nutrition out the window? No, but a healthy diet can include a balance of ALL kinds of food.

⭐️ What’s one way to start making peace with food?⁣

📝 Make a list of “off-limits” foods. Give some thought to why you’ve listed those particular foods. Do they have something in common? Was there a time when these foods were just ordinary foods to you? Is there one “off-limits” food (pick the easiest one) that you can try eating again in a safe/relaxed environment? (maybe that means going out for ice cream with supportive friends)⁣

❤️ Remember to give yourself lots of compassion as you work through this principle. And if you want personalized support, just let me know. ⁣

* And please don’t make peace with foods like peanuts if you have a life-threatening allergy to them.

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Kara Westrup